CD: For Evermore

Click on links below to hear two samples of songs from my album ‘FOR EVERMORE:

For Evermore: For Evermore pb4

Two Hundred Thousand:Two Hundred Thousand pb10

Album title ‘FOR EVERMORE’

All of the songs on the album are based on real people and real life.  Some details about each song are stated after the song title.

Lincolnshire Lad:  I started writing this song on a Tuesday, finished it on the Wednesday and sang it live on Radio Lincolnshire on the Thursday of the same week.

When She Looks Inspired by a friend of mine.

You never take:  The first song I ever wrote, just to see if I could!!!

For Evermore:  Title track.  Written for my daughter.  Every time I play it, parents and sometimes young adults tell me how it could have been written just for them.

And the children feel the pain:  Inspired by a T.V. news article on the Israeli war.  The filming showed a father protecting his son whilst standing behind a wall, a stray bullet ricocheted off the wall and killed the son.  The image stayed with me until I had written the song and played it for the first time at my local folk club.

Twenty years together:  I had a request from gentleman to write a song for his wife.  However, they were just about to part. So I was very tactful with the words!!!

Runnin’ around:  Thought I would give the blues a bit of a go!!!

Measured in yards:  The yards in the song refer to schoolyards, backyards and graveyards.  The story is true.

Catch all your tears:  The true story of a lady who went to a friend’s wedding.

Two Hundred Thousand:  I wrote this song after seeing the images of the Asian Tsunami of 2004.

If you could make a wish The pain of a couples break up.

Blues Train:  This was originally two songs.  Putting them together seems to work well (or so I have been told).

Lincolnshire Born:  It’s good to be proud of where you come from.  Every place has it’s good and bad side.  The only unaccompanied song on the album.

Take Me Away:  Written for a very special lady!!!

Phil Brougham